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Couples counselling

All relationships are tested at times, and this is one of the most common reasons people seek counselling. I offer a calm, neutral and confidential space in which you can both be supported in working through your relationship difficulties, allowing each of you to safely air grievances, express difficult feelings, and have an opportunity to be heard and understood by your partner.

I can help you to identify underlying issues that may have gone unnoticed or unexpressed, improve your communication with each other, and facilitate greater understanding between you so that you can get your relationship back on track.

It can feel very daunting to come and talk to a stranger about something as personal and intimate as your relationship. I don’t judge, nor will I take sides. My aim is to enable the two of you to find your way back to a healthy, loving relationship.

I work with couples whatever their sexual orientation, marital status or background.

Some of the reasons couples come to counselling

  • poor communication
  • conflict, arguments, fighting
  • affairs – loss of trust, feeling betrayed
  • loss of intimacy or closeness
  • sexual difficulties
  • commitment issues
  • starting a family
  • life transitions – eg children leaving home, retirement
  • parenting concerns
  • stress, illness, depression
  • bereavement, post-natal depression
  • addictions
  • differences over money

Separation and divorce

Couples counselling is also suitable for those couples considering separation and divorce, and can be particularly helpful if children are involved.

I offer a supportive and understanding space for you to work through this painful and difficult process, helping you to separate out the emotional from the practical, let go of old hurts and resentments, and come to terms with feelings of loss or failure, so that you can both move on in your lives.

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